Boat name: Danegeld
Sail Number: 1104
Build date: 1959
Owner:Robert Veale
Current location: Gosport
Danegeld class
More information on Danegeld here.

Boat name: La Baie Doree
Sail Number: 1119
Build date: 1959
Current location: Barry South Wales.
La Baie Doree is undergoing some restoration. Below is a link to her Facebook page where you can follow her progress.

Boat name: Andrea of Wight
Sail Number: 1153
Build date: 1960
Owner: Manitsas
Current location: Northern Greece

Andrea of Wight is currently under restoration in Greece at the owners boat yard.
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Boat name: Soraya
Sail Number: 1197
Build date: 1960
Owner: James Maitland
Current location: Norway
Last updated October 2013
Article in Yachting monthly on the launching.
For more information and pictures of Soraya click here.