The boats
Current boats

Neil purchased his Cheverton Caravel Mk2 from the previous owner who had kept her at Liverpool Yacht Club. The boat carries a Lloyds number of 187982.
He thinks the name was (Isla?) of Sandwich.

The boat was surveyed in September 2011 and the surveyor was not hopeful that she could be brought back to useful life. However, this has not deterred Neil. As can be seen by the picture, he had her collected and taken by road to his yard in Ackworth, Yorkshire, where she is currently stored under a large car-port.

The main problem is that the glue that holds the planks has wasted away. One solution would be to sheath the hull in epoxy but while this would fix the problem in the short term, it can cause future problems. The coach roof is also rotten and needs to be replaced.
Neil has not yet started the restoration as he is still undecided about which is the best way to approach it.